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This is where I keep all my gaming related stuff.

Make Contact

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Steam: Community page

Nintendo Friend Code: 4785-5511-2454
(be sure to email me your friend code so I can add you back)

Currently Playing

On Steam I'm mostly playing Planetside 2 (although less and less as time passes thanks to SOE updates making it worse) and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

On Nintendo 3DS it's a mixture of Animal Crossing and Pokemon X/Y.

In augmented reality I'm playing Ingress.

On Android I'm playing Canabalt HD, Dots, Osmos HD, Ridiculous Fishing, Spelltower, The Room, World of Goo, Snuggle Truck and Zen Bound 2.

I normally buy every Humble Bundle (unless I own too many of the games already).

My PS3 currently spends most of its time collecting dust.